Jonathan McCormick

Web and mobile developer

When I was 14 years old my mom was running a business on Etsy, and she needed someone to help her with a small HTML project. She signed up for, and I was drafted for the project. I wasn’t far into HTML Essential Training before I realized I loved everything about this new world. I remember daydreaming while I was mowing the lawn about what I could build the next time I was able to sit down at my mom’s computer. And that’s how my adventure began.

Today I work with HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP on a daily basis to build websites with WordPress and Drupal, and I’m super excited to be expanding my skill set into native mobile and desktop application development with technologies like C# and Xamarin. I’ve worked with a diverse array of exceptional clients and teams that have all stretched me in different ways. I really love working with people.

I’m a follower of Jesus, passionate about natural health, and love thinking and talking about politics and global affairs. I hope to be a good husband and father, the owner of a successful business, a world traveller, and a complete math geek when I grow up. I enjoy using big words like prodigiousimplement, deploy, and invasive changes.

I love what I do.

Teams I’ve worked with

Projects I’ve worked on


The ESCALATES initiative is a massive, multi-year research project on nation-wide heart healthcare with more than a billion dollars in grants from the US Government. It’s run by OHSU, a large and prestigious hospital in Portland, Oregon.

I did a large portion of the development aspect of this site build, from initial site setup to building out the PSD mockups and design specifications from the designer. And when the project was completed I created training videos for the non-technical communications people on the OHSU team so they could easily make modifications to the site after the development process was completed.

Northwest Technologies

There’s nothing like building a website for friends! The guys on the Northwest Techs team are awesome, and I’m privileged to be good friends with several of them.

I was the primary developer for the project and built the site out from PSDs. The project included some WordPress plugin modifications and building a form for technical support requests, a significant part of their day to day operations. 

My skills

Web development

HTML // CSS //  SCSS // SASS // Bootstrap

Javascript // AngularJS // Node.js // Express.js

MongoDB // Mongoose // MySQL // PHPMyAdmin

Grunt // Gulp 

PHP // WordPress // Drupal

Mobile development

C# // Xamarin // Android

Please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you have a question, would like to work with me, or are just serious about building relationships that make a real difference in the world (in technology or elsewhere), reach out. I love making new freinds.

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