Jonathan McCormick

Junior Code Slinger

CSS Animation toolkit

While working on an Angularjs test project this weekend, it occurred to me that my little app would greatly benefit from some spice provided by one or two CSS animations. I googled “css animation” and found Animate.css. It’s a super awesome (and... read more

Divi Hack: Fullscreen Slider how-to

So, I was working on a client’s site today, and ran into a grind. I needed a 4 page slider at the top of the home page, but I also needed it to be fullscreen, so the user would land on the site, see a beautiful fullscreen slider scrolling by, and then scroll... read more

Android device debugging problem fixed!

I wrote a few months ago that I was working on building some Android development chops for a potential upcoming project. Things went well until I actually did something (tried to deploy my code to my LG device). Xamarin Studio simply refused to recognize my phone as a... read more

Droplr: The perfect screenshot tool

A couple months ago the leader of a web development team I’m working with introduced me to Droplr, a magnificent screenshot sharing tool that has totally revolutionized the way I show team members and friends what I’m seeing without the hassle of a video... read more

New Macbook Pro!

It’s been I long wait, but I finally bought a new Macbook pro! A combination of factors have been moving me toward getting one for a while, but I was pushed over the edge when my good friend Brayden heard about the Broadwell update and said he was going to order... read more