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Hey all! Goodness, it’s been almost 4 months since I’ve made a real blog post…

Over the past few months I’ve been working on a mobile app project with 2 good friends. They did most of the work while I attended the meetings, listened in, and ate a fantastic lunch to celebrate the successful completion of the project. I didn’t know enough to be as useful as I wish I could have been, but I learned a ton, and the project left me with a revived passion to learn more about building mobile apps and software development in general.

At the moment I can’t do a whole lot with iOS apps because I’m stranded in the Windows world, so until my situation improves I’m working on developing some Android app skills. I’m not very deep into it yet, but so far here are some resources that have been helpful to me.

That’s just a short list for my current stage. Lord willing I’ll have a lot more as I make progress!

Tomorrow I’ll be getting an Android device via Amazon Prime so I can actually run and test some code (I could never get any of the emulators to work). I’ll be sure to give some updates on that.

Until then!